SK Series Air Knocker

OEM Service
SK Series Air Knocker
SK Series Air Knocker
SK Series Air Knocker
SK Series Air Knocker
SK Series Air Knocker



Features & Application
● Powerful ■ Knocking off the material on hoppers,chutes and outlet of filters
● Continuous variable(air consumption)
■ Empyting of the adhesions in pipelines and silos
● Resistant to the extreme environmental conditions
■ Can used to outdoor, high humidity occasions
Construction & Dimension
Technical Data
Copper eccentric gear installed counterweight impact air intake charge into the gear rotates, the eccentric rotation of the centrifugal weight with vibration, the gear driven by a bearing, low noise.
Packing & Delivery
Standard export carton packing.
Delivery Time:
3-20 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.
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